Sunday, November 30, 2008


The new windows are so clear!  The waxwings took flight from the red cedars and flew right into the front room window.  It sounded horrendous!  The cat, of course, took advantage of the gift from nature, lol.  Most survived, one or two did not.  My dh and I are rather amazed at how much more clear these windows are.  I guess, over time, because of a factory goof up, the windows have been getting a haze from the silver coating tarnishing inside the sandwich.  Because it occurred so slowly, we did not realize how bad it was until the new windows were installed.  Our views, ever so beautiful, are much more so now!  
Yesterday, we had a visit from the car girls walking up.  They, much like the waxwings, flitted in, enjoyed a few minutes with the dress up chests, enjoyed the marshmallows from cups of hot chocolate, rode a few yards on the bikes, packaged up their leftovers from their snacks, and flew away home, but not through the windows! lol

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Lani Gerity said...

I've just tagged you with a blog award. You can pick it up at the 14 Secrets blog or at my blog! Enjoy the butterfly!